Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Well yesterday I had an absolute blast. Me and one of my besties went to the mall and went shopping. I got a bunch of mac products and am totally in love with them!! I also picked up a new coach purse which is just divine - love!

Also, I went to this cute boutique that I like and was checking out the new Juicy Couture bags. OMG I am so glad that they are making more bags that aren't that velour material. That stuff gets dirty so easily and doesn't last very long. Loving their new day dreamer bags. I've got one of those on My exclusive wishlist :) If you're a lucky loser and you find the link, go buy it for Me.

Also, I'm allowing losers to call My *IGNORE* line for a dollar a minute. This is very exclusive and limited as I want to boost My ratings as quickly as possible. I am going to become the #1 top domme FAST. HAHAHAHa. TEENAGE MILLIONAIRE!

Hell, I want to become a millionaire before I turn 19! LOL. So get on it losers!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I love being 18. Seriously, I love being able to totally exploit these fucking creeps on Niteflirt. I've had quite the rush of losers BEGGING to hand over their cash. Remember, I turned 18 on July 1st lol. Honestly, getting all of these losers to pay Me has been AWESOME. Haha.

Click here to worship, loser!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Luxurious Me

I don’t believe in giving anything away for free. No. That is why I make losers like you purchase even the link to My amazon wishlist! Ha! Being able to indulge in spoiling Me with gifts is an *honor* that a loser like you should never take lightly.
I absolutely love being showered in divine gifts and luxuries. Diamonds. Dior. Chanel. Prada. Gucci. Just a few of My favorite little luxuries.
Vacations to tropical paradises. Resorts. Being pampered. Massages. Pedicures. Manicures. I want you to get this picture in your head very clear. Associate Me with all that is luxurious and divine. All that is exquisite. I may only be eighteen years old, but I am absolutely brilliant. I know how to use and abuse freaks like you. I know how to get inside your head. I know how to use you. And I will.
My goal is to become a millionaire by the time that I am twenty years old. It’s very likely that you alone are unable to make this happen. However, a stable of weaklings can easily make this goal a very easy reality. I expect all of the luxuries that I desire to simply fall right into My perfect, greedy, precious lap.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My 18th birthday, losers!!!

Haha that's right! TODAY I am officially EIGHTEEN! FUCK YES! hahahahahaha

So right now, your new goal in life is to make Me a teenage millionaire! Hehehehe :) I want everything taken care of. So, I have a few buttons that you can now click on to make that happen, freak!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm that bitch who always laughed and made fun of you in highschool. Haha, I hate dweebs and freaks like you1! I've always been popular ever since I can remember. I've always had the ability to use guys too lol. I don't have a boyfriend right now because I am so fucking picky. I get asked out ALL THE TIME haha but it's so rare I give thte guy a chance. I have really fucking high standards and a shit like you would never measure up, hahaa.

Anyway, I've been having lots of fun starting to humiliate losers! Haha, I've been loving getting lots of amazon giftcards :D lol you losers are just so fuckin weak for me it's pathetic! but I mean seriously, if you're gonna get weak and stupid for anyne it may as well be me!!! I'm just so fucking perfect, youll never be able to measure up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Princess Star

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I want!!!

Okay loser so here's the deal. I have some goals that *you* are going to make a reality.

As I've said before, I'm turning 18 in just a few days! I want to have enough cash to get MY OWN HOUSE! LOL. hahaha youre gonna pay for my school, for my house, shopping addiction, shoes, clothes, presents, and ANYTHING ELSE I WANT!!!!!

I'm going to be a TEENAGE MILLIONAIRE! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I love using SCUM like you however the fuck I want!!! you don't deserve your fuckin money - I do!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

Turning 18 on july 1st and going to be raping loser wallets!!!!!!!

I'm Star. I'm an 17 year old financial domme who is well on her way to becoming a TEENAGE MILLIONAIRE!!!!

Haha, you are such a fucking loser - you only have ONE purpose in life! That is to do EVERYTHING you fucking can to make sure that I become a millionaire before My 20th birthday!!!!!!!!

I just turned 18 on June 25th - that was yesterday, loser! LOL! I have been looking at findom sites for a while now. I turn 18 ON JULY FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahaha, starting JULY FIRST I will be raping your loser ass wallet!!!!!!!!!