Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Well yesterday I had an absolute blast. Me and one of my besties went to the mall and went shopping. I got a bunch of mac products and am totally in love with them!! I also picked up a new coach purse which is just divine - love!

Also, I went to this cute boutique that I like and was checking out the new Juicy Couture bags. OMG I am so glad that they are making more bags that aren't that velour material. That stuff gets dirty so easily and doesn't last very long. Loving their new day dreamer bags. I've got one of those on My exclusive wishlist :) If you're a lucky loser and you find the link, go buy it for Me.

Also, I'm allowing losers to call My *IGNORE* line for a dollar a minute. This is very exclusive and limited as I want to boost My ratings as quickly as possible. I am going to become the #1 top domme FAST. HAHAHAHa. TEENAGE MILLIONAIRE!

Hell, I want to become a millionaire before I turn 19! LOL. So get on it losers!

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